Cost of service "saxophonist for a wedding", a holiday, a buffet table, an aperitif

Services that are included in the price:

  • STYLISH and QUALITATIVE music !!!
  • Accompanying the holiday (feast, concert and dance program)
  • Sounding of the wedding ceremony, confessions of love, buffet, presentations, exhibitions, aperitifs
  • Dance program of fast and slow compositions (Lounge Music)
  • For clubs and youth parties I work in the style of “Сlub music”
  • Huge repertoire
  • Transport (Kiev)

Availability of equipment
(if necessary)

  • Active acoustic system DYNACORD – 1 kW
  • Mixing console Soundcraft EFX8
    (for rent + 100 $)
  • Radio system – Sennheiser Microphone – DPA 4099 (always with the artist)
1 hour - $200
2 hours - $300

* The price can be lower in the conditions of a short speech


If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +38 (093) 744 0475

  • Lily was here
  • Candy Dufler - Don't Go
  • Алексей Чумаков - Не забывай меня
  • Полина Гагарина/Виктор Цой - Кукушка
  • Филипп Киркоров - Цвет настроения синий
  • Lounge music mix 2018 on Flute (cover by AlexMusic)
  • No Roots / Alice Merton - (alto saxophone cover by AlexMusic)
  • Саксофонист на праздник Киев, Саксофонист на свадьбу Львов, Ведущий, Саксофон

Do you need a saxophonist for a holiday? Then you are on the right site! I position myself as a saxophonist of the group “Chocolate music“. I perform both as a member of the group and as a solo artist. I offer you the live sound of saxophone and flute

A saxophonist for a corporate is in a way rare: firstly, because saxophonists are much less likely to compare with musicians who have more classical and conservative types of instruments, and secondly because live music at events is, in principle, rare. In addition, the saxophonist for the holiday is a sign of good tone, good taste and attention towards the guests. Saxophonist is one of the central figures on the holiday – since it will create the tone and mood of the celebration (live music). In addition, the saxophonist on the holiday is unlikely to leave indifferent any of your guests – the performer is able to make from your holiday a real extravaganza or make a strict note to the event.

If you need a saxophonist for a wedding, choose the performer as follows:

The musical accompaniment of your holiday under the saxophone must necessarily have an impressive experience of similar work – only in this case the performer will be able to take into account all the nuances and make an impeccable impression. In addition, the performer must have a wide repertoire program. Not an obligatory, but still important condition – a positive attitude of the performer.

By the way, saxophonist for a banquet, wedding, corporate, jubilee is a performer not only for wedding, anniversary, corporate events, but also for exhibitions, parties, presentations, defile and other events – jazz accompaniment is appropriate for any serious, business or fashion events , and classical and romantic music in the performance of the saxophone will give the evening a special lyrical note.

I play in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, as well as throughout Ukraine and Europe.

Add a twist to your HOLIDAY !!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I order a saxophonist for a wedding?

We believe that your wedding is a unique event in your life. We always stand on a highly professional, professional level. We are musicians who meet your strict criteria and know what is expected of us. To give a high-quality product is the credo of our life and wherever we are, we are proud that we are the best musicians. We also believe that the saxophone allows you to give a more “laid-back”, small and “tasty” budget as an alternative to loud and standard music, which is intended for the holiday’s coloring, and not “strangled” with music. Why should I order your saxophonist, not some other one?

Why should I order your saxophonist, not some other one?

We use only the best specialists and we know that our saxophonist will be on time, using the highest quality equipment (which is fully tested and insured). Please note, what happens if some musician has forgotten about you, or simply did not show up trivially? What will happen if the saxophonist you saw is an excellent musician, but terribly organized and forgets about your date? Having ordered our saxophonist for the wedding, you can be sure that all reasonable guarantees will be taken into account and make sure that your wedding will pass with taste and “on Hooray!”!

Can I be sure of ordering a saxophonist by appointment?

We tried to show our saxophonist from a professional clip to a live LIVE performance, so that everyone could see the versatility. Nevertheless, you can be sure that our saxophonist performs only LIVING and will subjugate to the heart. If you want to hear a certain style – it’s not a problem, we’ll start from the lounge to the club music.

I would like the saxophonist to play during the first dance, can this be done?

Of course! We have a lot of variations of musical works on this subject. After all, having a live saxophonist at a wedding is a sign of a decent level wedding. And surely you will hear all the brightest hits, from Candy dulfer – Llily was here to Feelings or “Long road to the dunes”. Contact us for more details. We often act (the road to the place of performance is free).