Yulia Boroznenko

In my family, there were no professional singers, but everyone had a good ear and could perform a folk song in the family circle without difficulties. I started singing at the age of 2 by just repeating all the songs that I’ve heard. I sang everywhere: in the bus, in the country house, and while walking. My fate was predetermined, because everybody said that my vocation was to be on stage.

At the age of 6, my mother took me to a music school. After listening, the director insisted on the bandura class. As he said, there the girl will both sing and play. There, I learned both academic vocal and playing bandura, visiting the pop vocal studio and doing dances at the same time.

My first experience on the big stage was “Rankova zirka” competition, and I won!
In year 2004, I entered the department of folk Instruments at Cherkasy Musical College. And only there I fell in love with the bandura for real. And yet, I really wanted to sing pop songs.

I worked in “Cherkassy Bandura Chapel”, later became its soloist. In year 2013, I graduated the class of bandura of Lviv National Musical Academy named after M. Lysenko.

While I was studying, I was dreaming of a big stage. I listened to a variety of music, from classics to rock, I studied the western repertoire and went to castings.

In year 2017, I decided to participate in the vocal show “Voice of the Country”. Selecting the song, I’ve decided to perform the song of Skryabin called “Sleep alone by yourself”. I’ve had an idea to perform it on bandura.

Next, you probably have seen. My choice was assessed by the whole country, and Sergey Babkin became my tutor. Standing on that stage and listening to the standing ovation, I realized that this is mine, this is the meaning of my life. The scene of “Voice of the Country” made me truly believe in myself, set the records straight, and I started writing songs by myself.

Today, I am a Ukrainian singer, composer, actor, a happy wife and mother, and, probably, will become an actress soon. In addition to working in the Chocolate music project, I work with the ATHOM team. I can say that we are collaborating with them. Together with these people, we wrote the track “Imagination”, which got into the rotation of KISS FM radio.

I do not stop at this point, and I do believe a miracle will happen. I like when it rains, a plaid and a husband next to me. My dream is to make the world more kind and help the orphans by making charity concerts.

Yours faithfully,
Julia Boroznenko

Aleksei Boroznenko

Even being a child, I was fascinated by the world of music. My father was an officer of the Military Forces of Ukraine and, coming to his work, I used to see a huge military orchestra, and the regiment marching gracefully at the roll of its wind instruments.

This parade uniform, taut appearance, and the responsibility, when you stand three steps in front of the whole formation, made my childhood dream to be among them.

Also, my grandfather Aleksey was the first violinist in the village of Bilozerye, this is the Cherkasy region. And there was not a single party, especially a wedding, without him.

And there was me against this background.

When I was six, my parents took me to the music school to learn the violin. Of course, I wanted to play, but I wanted to play football more. To develop in this child a musician ready for the harsh career of a military conductor (where else can the musician’s grandson and the officer’s son go?), the parents “pulled” their son at concerts, matinees and competitions for kids.

But the military conductor is a military for to cope with more than only a violin, since the charter required the possession of a wind instrument, and I obeyed (I was disciplined since childhood and this is my advantage being a husband, a musician and a resident of Kyiv).

Having entered the flute class in Cherkasy Musical College in year 2001, I’ve received the most important knowledge of the whole palette of musical sciences, which I use as by today.

In parallel, I’ve learned to play saxophone by myself (I love jazz), and I’ve used to play with different bands.

And then, there was the final diploma “with distinction”, and I’ve won! – Department of Military Conductors (Lviv city, year 2005).

Thereafter, a new page started in the life where I continued to develop as a professional musician, acquire the skills of conducting, instrumentation, arrangement and knowledge of how any instrument in the world plays.

My scientific works of those years were called “Multimedia technologies in the process of adaptation of modern music for the military orchestra” and “English and American soundtrack in the context of transferring to a brass band”. Therefore, I was a progressive and non-standard military conductor.

On the state exam in year 2010, I played the arrangements of Hans Zimmer and Elton John (the latter, by the way, can be also seen at https://youtu.be/gBHMSYdDGYk

And again, I received the diploma “with distinction”, and I was standing with officers’ shoulder straps, at the head of a whole military orchestra (which of the boys did not dream of conducting a military orchestra?).

And yet, by that time, Julia already appeared in my life and everything became chocolate. Nowadays, the arrangements, shooting, tours, studio works, and family make all our “today”.

And in our “tomorrow” I’d like to write music and carry it to people. I’m still learning, forming my taste, and developing my recording studio.

And, together with Julia, we are working every day to make our world more delicious and sweeter!

Well, let not the whole world, but one excellent party for remarkable people, definitely!

Yours faithfully,
Alexei Boroznenko