Technical rider:

Sound amplifying equipment (loudspeakers), Dynacord, ElectroVoice, HK, Martin Audio, and JBL, depending on the dimensions of the area of the performance, but not less than 1.5 kW for every 50 people. Vocals have to be located between the sound portals and behind them. From the moment of the sound check conduction to the end of the “Chocolate music” group performance, the location of musicians should not be changed.

Power supply ~ 220V.

Wires: 2 Stereo-pair mini Jack (for 2 Playback). 2 XLR (for 2 vocal microphones).

Mixer with effects processor – 5 channels.

2 microphone racks and 1 keyboard (for MacBook).

If the temperature on the stage is less than +15°C, it should be heated all over the area of musicians’ location. In case if the sound installation isn’t performed by “Chocolate music” group, by the time of group arrival, the equipment must be installed and adjusted according to hall acoustics. We need a rehearsal (sound check) not less than 20 minutes long, as close as possible to the beginning of performance. During the entire sound check and during performance, availability of a sound engineer (DJ) is required.

Backstage rider for Kiev:
A separate heated and clean dressing room or a room. Presence of still water, tea / coffee, buffet or cold snacks. If the musicians are at the event for more than 4 hours – providing the group with a full meal (hot meals).

Tour backstage rider:
Payment of the transfer (from Kiev): up to 800 km – by personal car of the group, 800-1000 km – by train (3 places); over 1200 km – air flight (2 people/ economy class). Meeting in the airport/ train station and all trips (to the hotel, concert area and so on) are to be performed in a comfortable car with an empty trunk. If the group stays in the city for thewhole day, or does not have enough time for the night train/ flight, then an accommodation at a 3* or higher-class hotel (1 double suite) is required. Providing three meals a day (to be discussed with a group representative) or providing an estimated daily allowance ($ 40 in other countries) for one person per day. In case if it is impossible to provide a backstage rider in accordance with these requirements, the Client must agree all the expected changes with the contact person of the group.